According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average monthly maintenance cost for U.S. homes is $1,204 a month. Allow us to reduce that cost for you.


Why Consider a Charlotte Home Maintenance Plan?

  • If your home maintenance is neglected, or not done properly, it could raise the cost of the ultimate repair by up to 400% or more.
  • Major appliances and equipment can last up to 10 times longer, when properly maintained, saving you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.
  • Many avoidable tragedies have occurred in homes that lacked proper maintenance and inspection. 
  • If you’re unable or lack knowledge to take care of your home properly, we are there for you. This is a perfect solution for anyone who needs assistance with home maintenance and a trusted contractor to look out for potential needs around your home.
  • You can customize your own home maintenance plan. Our services are meant to give you peace of mind, convenience, and give you back your time.
  • We often lack the time to do more of what we enjoy. We help you get your time back by taking care of the little things at your home.

Basic Service Plan

  • Change HVAC Filters
  • Change Alarm/Thermostat/CO Batteries and Check Function
  • Change Refrigerator Water Filter
  • Drain Hot Water Heater
  • Inspect and Empty In-House Vacuum Cleaners
  • Inspect and Clear Drains and Sink Aerators
  • Inspect Tub, Shower, and Sink Caulkings
  • Check GFCI Function
  • Change Light Bulbs As Needed
  • Check Toilets for Proper Operation
  • Operate Bath Ventilation Fans
  • Check Windows & Screens for Proper Operation
  • Cycle Emergency Shut-Off Valves
  • Clean cold air return grills
  • Inspect Hose Bibs
  • Inspect Windows and Mouldings
  • Inspect Roof From Ground
  • Inspect Gutters and Fascia Boards
  • Additional Seasonal Services

Additional Services

  • One Stop Home Maintenance Bill Pay
  • House Check-In (for extended trips)
  • Annual Crawlspace Inspection
  • Renovation/Addition Work
  • Special Contractor Pricing
  • Premium Relationships with Charlotte Service Providers (HVAC, electrical, etc.)

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